Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thievery Corporation

So, my friend Tati from Laredo invited me to go see Thievery Corporation with her last night in Austin at Stubbs. When she first made mention of the band and that they were coming to town, I was willing to go just to put them on my "have seen" list, but I wasn't too thrilled since I hadn't really heard them before. While we lost each other in the crowd before the show, we managed to meet up during the last song after me and Lindsey got off stage. Yes, off stage. We had been walking around the side bar area looking for Tati and Marge and the security points to us and motions us to follow him. In my mind, I thought I had managed to look too messed up (even if I hadn't been drinking) and was going to get kicked out of Stubbs again like at the Wilco show a few months back. But to our dismay he pointed towards the stairway on the stage. All I can say is woooow.
Apprehensive about the whole Thievery experience initially, I was blown away! These guys rocked the venue! Everyone was united and dancing! The musical style of the Washington D.C. based duo consisting of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton could only be described as worldly bossa nova with a dub, Iranian-Brazilian lounge flair. Apart from their supporting band, they had a belly dancer on stage as well as Brazilian songwriter Sue Jorge. All in all, the sold out show was spectacular in every way imaginable. Being so in tune with the music reminded me of my whole Radiohead experience.