Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm so last season....

In the midst of getting lost in school books and papers, I've found that I'm no longer sporting any of the "deck fashions." Real popular amongst the local "bike kids", who are the adolescent youths who permeate the streets on fixed-gear roadbikes equipped with Deep V's rims are Toms and canvas Champion Oxford Keds.
While I'm sure they're paying full-price for these cheap Wal-mart chic shoes which probably cost close to thirty at Urban Outfitters, they're as cool as unisex tri-blend jersey deep V-neck t-shirts from American Apparel that you can get for a cool $22. These easily crafted tees that might as well be modified fruit of the loom undershirts REMAIN a hot must even in this cold weather.
Anyhow, if any of you bump into Santa tell him I want this:
A pink track frame on non-machined lime green velocity deep-v's.
Thanks in advance!