Friday, March 13, 2009

Robbie and the Robots- Todaysterday

Robbie and the Robots
Jacket Weather Records

Released in 2005, Todaysterday is the first and only full-length album (so far) for pop-punk alternative rockers Robbie and the Robots which consists of Robbie Doyen on guitar and lead vocals, Aphyr St. James on djembe and backup vocals, Levi Cory on bass and backup vocals, Jesse Hodges on lead guitar and backup, and J.R. “Mojo” Juica on drums. The 10-track album which centralizes mostly on relationships and partying encompasses a splash of genres from pop to punk to rockabilly to rock throughout. Incredibly witty, Doyen’s lyrics are clever, well-written and rhyme.

The album’s first track entitled, “Symbiosis,” is a soft ballad with a repetitive “na na na na na na na,” chorus. Commencing with a psychobilly guitar intro “Drug Free Sabbath,” is an album anthem which evidently gets its name from Doyen’s professed lyrics- - “I don’t smoke crack on the day of the Lord, I don’t smoke crack on the day of the Lord.” The track is a dancey number which is likely a crowd sing-along favorite with its upbeat tempo and easy lyrics. “Naked,” focuses on the joys of being young, dumb, and driving “naked with the top down.” There’s a notable rockabilly feel and Chuck Barry-esque guitar amidst the lyrics “drugs are better than people. Take a pill, take a hit, take a puff, take a sip, yeah, drugs are better than people.”

The album art, which appears to be a drain of some sort with the album title trailing in a downward spiral motion, was created and designed by Doyen. Created on a grayscale, the design is bland and simple. A female robot caricature also created by Doyen is featured in the insert. A picture of the band taken by Sarah Grace Lanz graces the back of the insert.

If Robbie and The Robots are as delightful and fun as their album suggests, the results are undeniably a rockin’ good time.