Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bright Light Social Hour-Back and Forth

The Bright Light Social Hour
Back and Forth

Back and Forth is the third EP release for Austin based rockers The Bright Light Social Hour. Like its predecessor "Love Like Montopolis," the album only consists of three tracks one of which is “Back and Forth-Part Two,” a catchy tune and undeniable crowd pleaser which even has its own video. Their first EP “Touches,” had five songs on it. Formed in 2004 with the inclusion of original and current members vocalist/bassist Jack O’Brien and vocalist/guitarist Curtis Roush; keyboardist and vocalist A.J. Vincent and drummer Joseph Mirasole have since joined the group.

The first track entitled, “Back and Forth-Part One,” serves mostly as an instrumental prelude to “Back and Forth-Part Two,” the EP’s standout track. The 2 ½ minute ambient keyboard line and soft cymbal tapping adjusts into the gateway bass and drum riff for “Part Two” two seconds before it ends. “Back and Forth-Part Two,” continues where “Part One” leaves off but manifests a polka-esque kuitar beat and rock guitar riff. A placid innuendo at the beginning, Roush sings “I’m going back and forth, been going back and forth, been going back and ahh I want you feel everything that I feel….” Only is it apparent what the song is really about when the song goes into the fourth verse--- “I’m going in and out, then going in and out, then going in and out, I just don’t know what to do—to move with you.” Midway through the song, O’Brien adds some Spanish lyrics admist Roush and Vincent’s soft “ooohh oohhhs,” which is preceded and concluded by the ‘back and forth’ chorus. The third track, “Rhubarb Jam” begins with a sound bite reasoning why the wind blows hard before a titillating bass riff commences a loud explosive jam which mellows out halfway into a cool jazzy groove.

The album art done in light and dark shades of yellow and pink features the image of female caricature demonstrating an expression of sheer pleasure-head titled back, eyes closed and mouth baring upper teeth. The band’s name and album title is printed on the lower left side of the cover.