Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moondagger- Deastro

Moodagger is the full-band debut by Deastro, real name Randolph Chabot. Hailing from Sterling Heights, MI, Chabot began writing music at age 13 and recorded three previous albums in his parent’s basement. Now 22 years old, Chabot has become notable for his live performances.
The recently released album is a euphoric, synth-driven neon fantasia of swooning dream-pop fitting an epic videogame soundtrack category, particularly one which would incorporate or house a Final Fantasy or Space Harrier theme.
The first track entitled, “Biophelia,” commences with an 8-bit beat, similar to an old school Final Fantasy IV Super NES start menu loop. The ambient intro transforms into an electro-pop synth cantata permeated with incessant drumming and rocket blasting sirens. “Toxic Crusaders,” details the self-acceptance of a mutant do-gooder born with one eye who pleas for his love to be reciprocated. The track incorporates a toy piano whose simple melody conveys a juvenile innocence. “Pyramid Builders,” is a starry-eyed instrumental piece fusing an array of rhapsodic futuristic loops and beats. The eighth track
“Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed In the Heart With The Moondagger By the King of Darkness and His Ghost is Writing This Song as a Warning to All of Us,” remains to have the longest title ever, coming in at 29 words!
The 14 track album includes two bonus tracks, “The Shaded Forests (Gift Giver’s Version),” and “Tree Frog.” While “Tree Frog” sounds similar to the other tracks on the album, “The Shaded Forests,” stands out in that it sounds more fully constructed; created and performed by a band rather than just a keyboard and computer.