Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Find of the week

I came across a good find the other day. After a few listens I came to the conclusion that the four tracks were from a long lost Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen collaboration. ...I'm just kidding. The artist solely known as Gary W. put forth 4 tracks from his debut album.

The first track commences with a futuristic sound which quickly dissolves into a soft tangy guitar riff. Gary’s, cigarette smoker vocals transpire an emotion of devastating lost love.

“Remember me,” exhorts the pleading question of recognition. The singer inquires “Do you remember, Do you remember loving me? Do you remember, do you remember me?” The slow pace track offers soft guitar picking and subtle cymbal tapping.

The third track, “Wonderful Things,” is the catchiest and more uplifting of the other tracks. It inhibits an almost innocent and juvenile attribute.

“You are you are,” reverts to the dark corner of a broken heart. The lyrics are admiring of the muse, but clearly express the singer’s distress. A Pink Floyd-esque electric guitar solo commences midway through the track and blends with the sorrowful vocals.

To listen to these songs, click HERE.