Monday, May 26, 2008

Hercules and Love Affair

Despite the terrible headache I have right now, I must say I had a really good time last night. In addition to that, I think I learned a lot about myself and others. It's sort of weird to just say that without providing any sort of exposition or basis, however me and Rachel (a really cool girl I sat next to in Philosophy class my first semester at Texas State and reminds me of Laredo friend Cindy) figured it all out. Basically me and Rachel decided that we're all going through what our parents went through. Since we're made up of two separate entities our lives are paved for us, however, different scenarios or emotions experienced by our antecedents are picked and implemented---that's why abuse and fucked up shit happens in cycles. I also think we're strongly swayed and enforced by the actions of others--that's why environment is important during childhood, etc. But my belief is all too vague and far-fetched, but I thought I'd make a light intent to describe Rachel and I's deep conversation from last night.

Anyhow, going back to this party... I had an amazing time. It was a "pool party," but when I was the first loser to arrive with a bathing suit I realized that "pool party" meant party by the pool. I guess I take some things too literally? I was a bit taken back by this but regardless, I did make it into the water after Mike Robbins, the guy pictured to the left (he looks like a young Gary Busey) got in. Some girl was trying to coerce Mike to get in because she wanted to get in (me and Brian thought she wanted him, really), but Mike didn't have any boxers on underneath his jeans so he was walking around asking people for their underwear so he could borrow them. I told Mike that if he jumped in with his jeans I'd follow lead. Mike is one of my dear friends who's honest and sincere about his ideals and emotions. He does what he feels right, even if it's just at the moment--I admire him for being so unique and disregarding of what people think. But enough of an ego boost for Mike, I've made some really good friends here at college and I'm so happy about that and being that last nights party was full of them made it all the better. So anyways, in addition to the free booze and pool, there was a dj, a strobelight, a projection screen and Veronica fire danced--I included video of that. Being that everyone was either really drunk or high, made the anxiety level amongst the crowd thick and unrelenting, especially when Veronica started twirling the fire around Hannah J. and Petty, the birthday celebrants.

Anyways, I'm going to start showering and getting ready for work but I wanted to share with you the musical group Hercules & Love Affair; their sound can be described as experimental funky electro disco. I really dig them and think you should check them out if you're at interested in the type of music-