Sunday, May 25, 2008

There There

The title of this blog is Sky Saw, the title of a Brian Eno track. It's an enjoyable ambient little number that really doesn't make sense, but it's easy on the ears. Give it a listen if you'd like, I provided a link to a short clip.

All the clouds turn to words All the words float in sequence No one knows what they mean Everyone just ignores them

Being that I really enjoy writing and feel the need to tell people of the occurrences and happenings in my life, I felt rather compelled to start this blog. Lindsey (my roomate) once pointed out that I use my facebook notes as a blog... Um, yeah I do. I guess instead of blabbing off to an innocent bystander about my ideas, troubles, concerns or views I'd rather write about them and the people who are interested can either read or pass.

However, instead of writing about frivolous things such as dreams, let-downs and relationships, I think I'm going to use this blog to write about things I'm truly passionate about--music, fashion, trends, people, experiences. All in all, I'm using this blog to develop a stylistic writing technique which I can use in my future career in Journalism. Hope you enjoy it.