Monday, July 7, 2008

King Khan and the Shrines

A voodoo resurrected James Brown playing alongside the 13th Floor Elevators would be an appropriate comparison to King Khan and the Shrines. "The Supreme Genesis of King Khan and the Shrines," title of their current tour album, proved to be true to its name this past Sunday at Mohawk in Austin. While King Khan has collaborated and recorded under the numerous names of The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Spaceshits, The Sensational Shrines, King Khan & His Lonesome Guitar, and The Ciaoculos; this is the first time the 9 piece band has toured the U.S.
Sporting a black long sleeve button down, retro nylon pantsuit, cobrasnake staff in hand, King Khan made his entrance from the balcony, through the crowd and onto the stage with his personal pom pom cheerleader. While his entrance was less grand than his exit, Khan made it a point to get up close and personal with the fans by parading around through the crowd several times. At one point, Khan made all the surrounding people "get low" and crouch for a significant amount of time.
The band's energy was incredible and frontman Khan kept the crowd in stiches. Aside from his colorful personality, Khan's lyrics and commentary left room for laughs and gasps. “It’s gonna get nasty tonight,” commented Khan during the show. And indeed it did, in a gospel inspired sec Khan went into detail as to how he "enters his baby". While his story is a bit too crash and inappropriate to repeat, Khan was so creatively descriptive that he left little room to the imagination. Stripped down to tight-black undies, gold cape and a plastic helmet, Khan made his exit to "No Regrets" through the crowd preceded by the band's saxophone player at the end of the show.
No Regrets - King Khan & The Shrines